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Surveying Expedition 2011

Surveying Expedition Anno Societatis 45

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Two more sleeps until Surveying Expedition!

So much work has gone into the preparation for this event and we are all looking forward to a great time!

Some points to remember:

  • The composting toilets have returned this year, they have been supplemented with a male pissoire in each of the camping paddocks and a female pissoire (with proper toilet seat) in the Main Paddock. Please note toilets for poo and pissoires for wee!
  • Please bring medieval seating for the Village Green and Feasting Hall
  • Don’t forget your insect repellant
  • We have seen one snake and a couple of spiders, so watch where you put your hands and feet and secure your tents
  • Bring archery equipment, if oyu have any
  • All boffer weapons will be stored in the armoury, all swords must be lodged in the chest in the shed in the List Field Paddock, only boffers that fit length-ways in the chest will be permitted to be used in the Boffer Tournaments, boffers will be brought out of the armoury for the tournaments
  • If something is out of place or broken, please fix it or inform the Day Stewards – Lord Gilligan on Saturday and Baron Martin on Sunday
  • Market Day on Sunday if you have something to sell
  • Please sign in when you arrive and put your name down for one (or more) of the simple chores that we all need to do to ensure the smooth running of the event 

Bookings are now closed, if you have not al paid by Direct Deposit, please bring cash for the gate

Maison del Mas are proud to welcome you once again to their lands for the annual Surveying Expedition.

This event has become renowned as one where an attempt at Medieval Camping is made with a great sense of fun as well as having a magnficient period atmosphere!

This year we hope to build on this tradition, hosting War fighting throughout Saturday morning, Fencing, Archery and Tournament fighting throughout the weekend as well as a much expanded Equestrian programme. the introduction of a Medieval Market on the Sunday morning was a huge success last year and the hope is that AS45 will be even bigger.

As is our tradition, breakfast will be brought to you by the 21st Century with all the other meals prepared on the open fire using Period Cooking techniques.

Group: Stormhold  Event Date: 21-24th January 2011
Site open: Friday after 3pm to Monday after breakfast. (To allow for the public holiday, tents may be removed on Wednesday 26th)
Site Address: 117 Tricks Lane Napoleons, Victoria (15 mins SE of Ballarat)

Market: Martin le Merchant /Bernard Lyons: gothic201@optusnet.com.au 0401 561 866
Steward: Hrothgar Aet Gytingbroce / Keith Luc-Romanis: keith.romanis@gmail.com 0403 0210 48

All weekend: $85
Day Rate available by application
Overnight/Full Day: (by 10/10/10) $35 (by 10/12/10) $40 (by 10/01/11) $45

*Non-SCA members pay an extra $5.
*Under 16yo kids half price, under 5 free
*Overnight includes up to three meals.


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